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Schools’ PeopleNet is part of the Educator Solutions HR Services traded offer to school and academy customers. It consists primarily of model policies and procedures, and related guidance and forms, which are put forward for local governing bodies or academy trusts to consider adopting.

School and academy employees should check with their Headteacher or Principal whether the policies and procedures available on Schools’ PeopleNet have been adopted as they are written, whether they have been adapted before being adopted or whether alternative policies or procedures have been agreed locally.


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14 March 2017 - The new Tax-Free Childcare scheme

To help with childcare costs, staff in Maintained Schools who have children up to age 15 can join our Childcare Voucher scheme run by Kiddivouchers. Academies may offer their staff a similar scheme. Find out more here.

10 March 2017 - Support staff pay award 2017-18

In 2016 a two year pay deal was agreed for employees covered by Local Government Services (Green Book) conditions and for those on Norfolk County Council’s local salaries at Scales K and above. This applies to support staff in community schools and in other schools or academies that use our pay scales. The deal was for:

Year 1 (from 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017) - a 1% uplift, with higher increases ranging from 1.01 to 6.6% for those on Scales A to D.

Year 2 (from 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018) – a further 1% uplift, with the following increases for those on Scales A to D:

Scale* Salary
point Pay award 2017-18
A 6 £500 (equivalent to 3.4%)

B 7 £500 (equivalent to 3.4%)
8 £475 (equivalent to 3.2%)
9 £400 (equivalent to 2.6%)

C 10 £375 (equivalent to 2.5%)
11 £300 (equivalent to 1.9%)
12 £300 (equivalent to 1.9%)
13 £300 (equivalent to 1.9%)

D 14 £300 (equivalent to 1.8%)
15 £300 (equivalent to 1.8%)
16 £250 (equivalent to 1.5%)
17 £225 (equivalent to 1.3%)
*Seethe current salary scales G206a on Schools’ PeopleNet for more detail.

The increase is effective from 1 April. Revised salary scales with the 2017 rates will be published shortly.

09 March 2017 - The employee contribution rates and salary bands for the TPS from 1 April 2017 will be as follows:

Please click here for the new employee contribution rates and salary bands for the TPS from 1 April 2017.

13 February 2017 - The Pay model policy (P206a) has been updated

This is to reflect the minimum a Headteacher can be paid, in accordance with the STPCD 2016.

06 June 2012 - How to use this site

Guidance on how best to use this website, whether navigating or searching, can be found here, or by clicking the green About icon at the bottom of the home page.
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